Synergy a new company born from a parent company importing Apples from New Zealand to major supermarket chains. This is where the Synergy began as the New Zealand supplier of Apples also just happens to own one the most respected vineyards in New Zealand.

The UK market for wine is awash with brands most selling cheap budget wines to the supermarkets.

We had to make the brand stand out from the crowd, with a bold slab serif for the identity and clean sans serif font for legibility it really sits well and makes the brand stand out from the competition.

Headline - Noe Display Bold

Headline font

Body - Poppins Regular

Body font

Synergy is a premium wine aimed at high end wine merchants to Michelin star restaurants and is sold across the UK.

Our customer wanted to push further into the consumer market with an e-commerce presence, a clean functional website adorned with beautifully photographed product and a back story of how the wine made it’s way to the UK market. The site is fully content managed with a sign up for offers and wine related news.

About us page website design
Responsive website design for Synergy Wines
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