Inspired by SSE’s values and their commitment to place the UK at the forefront of energy technology, Work Creative have been a creative supplier partner team since 2018, we aim to continue to be an integral part of SSE’s marketing arm guiding the company into the next evolving chapter.

Infographics play a major part of what we produce for SSE.

There are multi-million pound projects at stake and the SSE team have along with our help have to communicate what will be involved, locations timings and budgets all in a clear easy to understand message.

SSE initially approached us back in 2018 with a view to brand a new venture for Dogger Bank Wind farms, we produced a 100pp guidelines and worked with the in-house marketing team to help design the Dogger Bank website and other marketing collateral, since then we have been actively involved with marketing teams from Dublin, Aberdeen and the North East.