For several years now, we’ve worked with key people at Doncaster Council, from redesigning the Visit Doncaster and Business Doncaster web sites, helping Advance Doncaster to inform and instruct the future work force as well as keeping Doncaster active, and find the best cup of coffee at Café 1910, we are proud to be associated with the newest City in the UK.

Telling local business stories to key business leaders in an organised and fresh look.

Most of Work Creative’s staff are local to Doncaster so it was very important for us to make sure we created a site that connected not just with local business people but an international audience, making them aware of a City that is ambitious, vibrant and with a pulsing heart that has a chance to attract big business for the future security of jobs and to help local people achieve a standard of living that makes their lives easier and happier.

One of the most important aspects of any website is its accessibility.

Open to everyone regardless of their impairment which is why we researched several typefaces and finally chose Friends and now used for both online and offline marketing, specifically made for low vision readers who have trouble distinguishing certain letters and numbers.

Headline - Friends Ultra Bold

Visit Doncaster typography heading design

Body - Friends Normal

Visit Doncaster body copy font

The Doncaster Advance brand has evolved over the years and was so successful that it has now been extended to Rotherham, Sheffield and Barnsley, in essence Doncaster Advance is there to help the local workforce to find and hopefully send them on a path for a more fulfilling career.

Gearing Doncaster’s communities to a healthier way of life, getting them out and about, with free access to cycles for young and old, printed maps to show them the best and safe trails to explore in Doncaster.

With the fantastic conversion of the old Doncaster girls high school nearing completion we were tasked with branding the new café which would be a focal point for visitors to the library and museum with a relatively small budget.

We presented several ideas but all agreed it should have a connection with the past, hence the name 1910 (the originally year the school was built) and the lovely serif font and flourishes to compliment the surroundings.